Aug 27, 2012 / 10 notes

I went shopping today and bought some bits and bobs for when  i move into my new place at the start of university wahoooo. Duvets, bedsets, cushions, pillows,pjs, lamp,bin, towels cutlery,plates/pots, iron/board, wine glasses shot glasses (light up yeah boii) candle holders etc and i still have a few more things to tick off but that’s the majority bought which is wicked.
I’ve only spoken to one housemate who seems cool, but she’s the only other girl- the other three are guys lool. It should be fine….i just hope i don’t get a tiny room. I hope i don’t get a small window or a generally crumby place. I’m PRAYING my housemates are a lively bunch of people who i can just gel with, i just want to have fun really. If everyone’s boring and uptight and weird i think i’ll just go and live on the beach.

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