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I’m so excited, and when i’m excited i hate writing things down because i can’t type fast enough to keep up with what i’m thinking/trying to say. Love how i’m supposed to be doing an English course as well and i can’t even calm myself down enough to write coherently..this blob of text is going to have no structure, probably a gazillion spelling errors and no fluidity -there’s your heads up.
I’M  GOING UNI TOMORROW, UNIVERSITY YAYBFHBHFF i’m going at 10am to get keeeeeeeys, i’ve been food shopping today, got all my food and i already have all my stuff like kitchen pots/pans, duvets,cushions,lamps candles iron etcc
  i cannot wait to go out tomorrow stock up on some sweet cherry wine, some rhubarb and custard sweeties and sit out in my garden with a fag chatting to my housemates :) My first event is tomorrow night ahhhhh i don’t know what i’m going to wear because i’m so bloated from chinese food today.Me and some of my friends went on a roadtrip down to Bournemouth today and it was soo hot and sunny, just lying in the car with my feet out the window listening to music stuffing our face with haribo, smoking in the sun loveee it. On my last night in London it was just so good, got rounds and rounds of drinks all night people kept buying me drinks too so i ended up quite drunk but i wasn’t dead drunk surprisingly. Spoke to some people i really wanted to, said goodbye to everyone…never laughed in a night so much. So long London, time to start my new life now  x

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